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1.) Abraham and Yahoel, borne by a dove, ascend to the heavens… (6:03

2.) )Milk & Flowers (The Visions Of Heaven In The Apocalypse Of Peter) (7:18)

3.) New Jerusalem No. 1 (6:24)

4.) The New Earth, With No Sea And The View From The High High Mountain (New Jerusalem No. 2) (5:35)

5.) The Cross & Bow/The First Of Four Improvisation No. 2 (14:12)

Total Time: 39:31

I performed all of the instruments heard on the record. Each song was based around an initial improvisation. Though heavily processed, none of the songs contain samples.

Instruments used are: Piano, Clarinet, Guitar, Violin, Xylophone, Bowed-Guitar (or playing a guitar with a violin bow), Thumb-Harp, Auto-Harp & Acoustic Guitar.

Here's one of the tracks from the record "
Abraham and Yahoel, borne by a dove, ascend to the heavens…":

And another sample from Apocalypse Songs, Milk & Flowers.

This is a project presentation based on music of the apocalypse for my class Art Religion and the Apocalypse. For my presentation I recorded an albums worth of material based on themes within the Christian Apocalypse, specifically the Book of Revelation.

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